Who we are.


Stephanie Pressly, Chief Retentionist.

Ok, that’s not a word but you get the idea. 

MyClient was founded and is run by a local businesswoman who truly appreciates a great customer experience. Because they're so rare.

Have you ever purchased something, handed over your money and ended up saying thank you instead of being thanked by them? Hate that.

Have you ever been personally called a few days after your purchase to see if you’re happy? Love that. 

Thus, MyClient was born. 


Local connections. National expertise.

More than ten years running a leading local company has allowed strategic business partnerships and personal relationships to flourish within the community. That network now serves our clients well.

Add to that 30+ years running businesses in five states specializing in marketing, media, sales, customer service, operational management...enough already. (If you must know the resume, click here.)

Best of all, we're consumers and know how we like to be treated, what businesses have our loyalty and why.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Chances are we've worked together before. Or have at least heard of each other. Or we know a friend of a friend. 

Or maybe we're related. Then again, we could be total strangers. 

No matter, just get in touch.

Drop me a line.