Need business advice, idea confirmation, a Martini?

I have a cape. Which helps.

If you're a business leader trying to figure out the financials or how to juggle priorities to meet deadlines or how to deal with those lovely employees, MyClient can help.

From structure to operations, from sales to fulfillment, from personnel recruitment to termination (it happens), I've been there, done it. 

And avoided lawsuits.

Happy to swap stories, compare notes, be a sounding board, fix things.

Give me a buzz and I'll fly right over.


Get a life.

If you're in the market for time, we're sellin'.

Let MyClient help you get a grip on your work-life balance, which is probably an oxymoron. Anyway, improve your organizational skills, increase efficiencies and simply get more done in less time. So you can actually leave the office at 5:00. OK, maybe 5:30.

Let's face it, on your death bed you're not going to look back and say "I wish I spent more time working."

So don't. 


Make it happen.

Ever want to throw that special party for your best clients but just couldn't get it together?

Dream of holding a Leadership Summit or Business Conference but didn't have the connections?

No more excuses, let MyClient do all the work. 

With experience planning events from large multi-session conferences to intimate gatherings, we can make you the host with the most.

It's all in the details. That's where we live.

No weddings, please. I eloped.