how e-mail marketing that works, works

It's all about The List


If you don't have the right list, it doesn't matter how clever or pretty your e-mail is. Organically grown and cultivated lists are the key to success, and we've got Gallatin Valley covered. We can also buy lists, but results vary. 

Required: Personalization


Today, personalization is both critical and expected. We include contacts' first names to speak directly to them. We also customize the "from" address to confirm relevance and increase open rates.

Required: Segmentation


Segmentation is the secret to sending the right message, to the right people, every time. We create robust profiles of contacts based on lifestyle characteristics and demographics to better target messaging of your brand.

Required: Customization


It's no longer effective to send generic e-mails or newsletters "en masse." Current expectations demand custom content that speaks directly to individual consumers, increasing engagement (and spending).

Required: Timeliness


Communicate early and often. In-boxes actually welcome relevant, personal, useful    e-mails. Research shows that consumers actually want more and frequent communication - if it provides value.

Required: Data Driven


It's not enough to run campaigns and send      e-mails. You need to know what's working (and what's not). We collect and analyze data on every e-mail to provide insightful, meaningful reports - and warm leads.