How we do it.

Tools of the Trade


Great retention marketing uses a combination of tools to maximize results. Strategies should be unique to your specific goals, your customers’ profiles and your specific industry.

The key to true customer retention lies in understanding your customers and tailoring your touch points accordingly.

Lifecycle Marketing


We use Lifecycle Marketing to capture the attention of your customers and, better yet, keep it. From the first spark of interest in your product or service to the very last purchase they make with your brand, lifecycle marketing focuses on identifying the best ways to engage your customer based on where they are in the customer lifecycle.

Data Driven


Segmentation is the secret to sending the right message, to the right people, every time. But you have to have the necessary data to do that. We help you collect relevant information to create a robust profile of each customer based on behavior and demographics. Then we target segments to strengthen the connection with your brand.

Personalized Messaging


It's no longer effective to send generic emails or newsletters "en masse" to all of your customers. Current expectations demand personalized communication with custom content best suited to engage each individual customer.

Industry Specific


No two industries are exactly alike. That’s why MyClient has a number of specialties under its umbrella. We take the same customer-centric approach but tailor it to your specific business, goals and objectives.

Statistics & Reports


It's not enough to run campaigns and send emails. You need to know what’s working (and what’s not). We collect and analyze data on every email you send - and so much more - to provide insightful, actionable reports.

the myclient difference.

We specialize in WOW.


Think about the last time you were completely impressed with a company. You probably did business with them more than once, and even told a few of your friends. You were wowed.

Delight your customers.


Wowing your customers involves going the extra mile to create a memorable, enjoyable experience that will create customers for life. Exceed expectations and provide additional value.

Personal attention.


The more personal you can make the customer experience the more people feel connected. Each of us is wired differently, that's why it's critical to personalize your appreciation.

A touch of class.


Ultimately, appreciation should be focused on the gesture and not the monetary value of that appreciation. A spent gift card disappears, but a hand-written note gets pinned up forever. That kind of good feeling is what keeps a business’s stakeholders coming back for more.

Specialty services.


From personal follow up phone calls to a one-on-one visit with that client (you know who we're talking about), we help you take care of your customers. We provide concierge services - our connections are your connections - VIP benefits and deliver the Royal Treatment on your behalf. 

Whatever else you need.


You rang?